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Super Quiz another Google Sheets Add-on

Another tool for creating self grading quizzes has come to my attention. Flubaroo was the first I found and it works great. Another that works equally as well for me is Super Quiz. Like Flubaroo this add-on uses Google Forms to build your quiz. Its a great tool. Grades your quizzes and sends the results directly to the students. There area several videos on YouTube that you may find useful.

Here are two videos you can use to help you utilize Superquiz. I hope you find them useful.


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Automatic Rubrics with Google Sheets

Yeah, I know lots of stuff from Google.  Our school had “Gone Google” so I’ve been trying to find as many tools for our instructors as possible to help make their jobs a bit easier (and mine as well).

Most of us whether we know it or not use rubrics when we grade reports and papers.  That rubric may be in our head instead of paper, but we still use one.  Unfortunately administrators and students can’t see what’s in your head or maybe it’s good they can’t.  But students do much better when they understand the yardstick they are being measured against. That’s where Alice Keeler’s add-on for Google Sheets can help out.  She has developed an add-on that will help you create a simple but effective rubric for any subject that will allow administrators, other teachers but most importantly students see what you are using as a standard for grading their research papers, reports and projects.

Go to

She has provided easy to understand instructions taking you step by step through the process of building your first rubric.  I suggest bookmarking it just in case you need to reference it again later.

I hope this helps make your job a little easier.  Here is a screen capture (using Jing)  of her web-page.


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