Evernote Saving everything was never so easy

Yes, I know I haven’t been very vigilant about posting to this.  As a matter of fact, I’ve been downright negligent.  I apologize.

One of the first posts at I’d placed on here had to do with online storage with a drive, sky Drive, and the other cloud services that allow due to save pre-much everything you wanted.  At the time I was unaware of a service called Evernote.  Evernote has become my new favorite app on my smart phone, my iPad, as well as on my desktop.  I can save anything from anywhere and have it accessible anyplace that I met.  I can save sound, video, music, documents, PDF files on the list goes on and on.  And have them immediately accessible.  What makes this nicer than so many of the other services that are out there is, there are apps that integrate into Evernote to make it easier to submit information to be saved.  Some of these are Evernote clipper hello, which allows you to very quickly import people in your contact list sketch which allows you to draw and annotate on pictures.  Food allows you to post recipes as well as pictures of food and comments about your latest restaurant.  Outline works with Evernote to help you set up outlines.  There are apps for doing meeting minutes.  Pen ultimate allows you to write your entries by hand, and they become searchable text.  Clearly takes away a lot of the advertisements and things on a webpage and saves them directly to Evernote lightly allows you to highlight sections of a document and they were are automatically saved to your Evernote Apollo and dolphin are browsers that work very well with Evernote, as well as every meeting, moleskin notebooks actually have a notebook.  You can carry around in your hand.  You write and not take a picture of it and it again become searchable text.  Evernote has worked with Post-it notes and developed for colors that you can predetermine what notebook you want them to go to you simply write on the Post-it note take a picture of it with your smart phone and it immediately is saved and goes to the notebook that you specified.  The text written on your Post-it note becomes instantly searchable as well.

You can share your notes and your notebooks with your students, if in the medical field with patients or with really anybody you want to.  And you can collaborate on these notes together.

With other apps you can blog utilizing Evernote, or you can use an app to link  through a program like a Asana to work on projects, personal, to do lists, appointments and all kinds of other applications.  Through still another app you can link it directly to your Google calendar and set up appointments.

There are many, many other apps and features that you can use with this.  The free version has a smaller memory than the Pro version does, however, with as many things as I have saved that not even come close to filling up the space you are given for free.  As you can tell I’m pretty well sold on this product.

Please check out http://www.evernote.com   or check out the Evernote app on your smart phone or tablet.  I think you’ll be very pleased.

I’ll be talking to you later.  Have a great day.


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