Super Quiz another Google Sheets Add-on

Another tool for creating self grading quizzes has come to my attention. Flubaroo was the first I found and it works great. Another that works equally as well for me is Super Quiz. Like Flubaroo this add-on uses Google Forms to build your quiz. Its a great tool. Grades your quizzes and sends the results directly to the students. There area several videos on YouTube that you may find useful.

Here are two videos you can use to help you utilize Superquiz. I hope you find them useful.


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Automatic Rubrics with Google Sheets

Yeah, I know lots of stuff from Google.  Our school had “Gone Google” so I’ve been trying to find as many tools for our instructors as possible to help make their jobs a bit easier (and mine as well).

Most of us whether we know it or not use rubrics when we grade reports and papers.  That rubric may be in our head instead of paper, but we still use one.  Unfortunately administrators and students can’t see what’s in your head or maybe it’s good they can’t.  But students do much better when they understand the yardstick they are being measured against. That’s where Alice Keeler’s add-on for Google Sheets can help out.  She has developed an add-on that will help you create a simple but effective rubric for any subject that will allow administrators, other teachers but most importantly students see what you are using as a standard for grading their research papers, reports and projects.

Go to

She has provided easy to understand instructions taking you step by step through the process of building your first rubric.  I suggest bookmarking it just in case you need to reference it again later.

I hope this helps make your job a little easier.  Here is a screen capture (using Jing)  of her web-page.


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How to make self grading quizzes and tests

I like to find easy ways to do things and I think I’ve found one here.  Using Google forms you can make self-grading tests and quizzes that will not only grade the quiz or test but it will send the student an email with their score.

I made a short video to show some of the basics necessary to do this.  One of those necessities is an add on to Google Sheets called Flubaroo.  This is the add on that will grade the work and send the students their scores.

So,  Here is a video to give you the idea of what you can do.  It’s not my best video but you will get the idea.

Let me know what you think.

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Adobe Voice

You know,  I think I’m addicted to apps.  I have so many in my phone and my iPad that I can’t even take a picture of anything anymore.  If there’s a 12 step program for beating this addiction,  I probably better find it.  In the meantime I found another app I really like.  It’s called Adobe “Voice”, it is only for the iPad and it allows you to make short videos using icons, pictures, music, and your own voice to tell a story.  You can send the story to others.  You can embed it in your webpage.  There are lots of things that you can do with this and the best part is it’s free.  Your students can use it to create stories and projects and then they can share those with you as a teacher with their friends and their relatives and fellow students.

Some people believe their problems with this because you can’t load the videos onto YouTube and you can’t save them on your Google drive.  But as I said, you can send a link to anybody you want to you can publish them to the public and you can also get a link so you can embed them into your webpage.  So there are lots of ways to publish it other than utilizing YouTube and Google drive.

So if you’re addicted to new apps that can help you do your job better as a teacher in your students provide you with more creative ways to tell their stories and turn in their homework, then this is a good choice for you.  As I said it only works on the iPad right now.  I wish it worked for some of the android tablets.  Maybe someday they will get it to that point.  But right now if you got an iPad, download it is called voice, it’s free, it’s a lot of fun.  And it is one of the easiest storytelling programs I’ve seen in a long time.

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I found a new tool for teachers and students, Powtoon is a way to make short videos with voice-over and music to help sell products, sell individuals with video resume’s, as well as educational offerings and many other things. The program is free OR you can subscribe to get more bells and whistles. If your an educator or a student PowToon has special rates for teachers and students. is well worth looking at. I’ve made a few and you can make them as easy or as complex as you want.

PowToon Graphic

For this assignment I used one of their templates

This short tutorial for my students started with a blank slate

This third example took a bit longer, no template, has both music and voice-over. the timing took a bit of time to do.

Enjoy trying PowToon at

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Using is a free whiteboard program that will allow you to create and share whiteboards with others and embed them into your BLOG.  I’m going to use their app to put a whiteboard here. Not all of it appeared to be visible on my preview.

The rest of this was created at their site not using their link that allows you to creat a simplified version.

You can link to your whiteboard by a direct link or you can use a thumbnail picture that will link to the site.


Please give it a try at
One thing I did not show is that you can use google maps as a background to give directions. A nice feature.

Let me know what you think about it.

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